Premium Shipping Boxes Protect Your Guitar!

Let Guitar Guard protect your instrument. We help make sure your guitar gets there safe and secure.

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Designed to prevent damage that occurs with conventional guitar shipping boxes.


Guitar Guard boxes are equipped with enhanced polyethylene padding throughout the entire walls.


Double Walled For Added Strength. Compression tested to withstand over 500 lbs. of force, double that of other guitar shipping boxes.

No Mess

Easy to pack, just a small amount of bubble wrap to fill voids, no more mess of packing peanuts spilling out, clinging to your guitar case.


Regular shipping boxes do not hold up, and no amount of bubble wrap and packing peanuts can change the fact that one out of every ten guitars shipped end up with damage.

For guitarists, the value of your a single guitar or collection goes well beyond the monetary. You are not just protecting an instrument, you are protecting your passion and something cherished. Whether you spend $500 or $10,000 or more, protect your Acoustic, Electric or Bass Guitar.

Save Time

Pack, Seal & Ship!
(Recommended, fill any gaps with a small amount of bubble wrap or paper).

Save Money

Using less materials for packing means yous save money.

Less Mess

No more messy packing peanuts spilling out & clinging to your guitar.


Guitar Guard Boxes are designed to be used over and over again.

Current boxes are low cost and provide very little protection while leaving a mess with inexpensive fillers. Guitar Guard boxes outlast the same old boxes over and over, providing cost savings with its resuable design, incorported in all our boxes!

Buyers of premium guitars should expect their guitars shipped with nothing less than the ultimate in guitar protection provided by Guitar Guard!


Guitar Guard is the safest way to move a guitar from one place to another short of purchasing your guitar its own seat on a commercial airline.


Our Story

Guitar Guard* was created by a guitar player and aficionado, who had unfortunately seen valuable guitars destroyed in shipping despite all the precautions taken.

Guitar Guard was created after my 1963 Gibson ES 335 w/Bixby was destroyed in shipment. While in a hard-shell case and a conventional shipping box and filled with traditional fillers the neck still incurred a significant crack that would have taken a great luthier to repair.

Don't Risk Shipping Damage!

Imagine having to repair a totaled car. Nobody wants to do that.

However, everything has a silver lining as it encouraged me to create safer way to ship guitars, Guitar Guard.


Customized Boxes Perfect For Guitar Builders, Retailers & Sellers

Show your customers you care about their investment. Ship with Guitar Guard Boxes!!!

Builders and retailers should want their customers to receive their instruments in these superior boxes as their customers deserve and will appreciate the safeguards taken to insure the protection of their guitars!

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